Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator 2016 For Windows And Office

Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator 2016 For Windows And Office Full Free Download

Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator 2015 For Windows And Office

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Now a days, Windows Operating system is being most famous and used around all over the world. With the passage of time and the need of Windows users, Microsoft company changes the features of Windows and introduced advanced features in their technology. That’s Why, after windows vista, Windows XP and Windows 7, they have introduced windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 that have most latest technologies in their operating system. These latest features are more valuable and helpful for users and all are according to the customers demand. But here is a problem that to activate this Window or get fully activated window like genuine, needs the product key which should be purchase from Microsoft Officially site. But mostly people can’t afford to purchase their keys or pay for such technologies, so they search other free methods on Google for Windows Actvation. Looking the people need, developers have decided to develop a software or activator which can easily activate Windows in free of cost. So, Microsoft Toolkit is a masterpie of the developers which is being most usable all around the world.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator is reliable software which is used in operating systems and software deployment. MS Toolkit supports the deployment of Windows XP, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7. It can help you to create a setup of wizards which can be then used for installing Windows on several network computers and servers.

First of all download and Install Windows and Office with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. MDT is the recommended process and toolset for automating desktop and server deployment. Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.4 is the recommended process for you and tool set for modifying desktop and server.

Some Key Features of Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5:

  • It’s Support any version of Microsoft Office or Later for Office Toolkit.
  • It’s Supports Windows Vista for any Windows Toolkit.
  • Now Added DLL Injection Local Host Bypass Method.
  • You can create and Delete IP Routes with Win32 API instead of command line.
  • No longer require SFX EXE files to remove or Restart TAP Adapter.
  • It has Unified tools and processes which are required for the desktop.
  • Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5 Activator is in common deployment console and information of guidance.
  • Short deployment time and up to the mark desktop and server images, with high security and active configuration management.

Download Microsoft Toolkit

What’s New in Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5?

  1. AutoKMS enables the Windows Event Log Service if it is disabled.
  2. Changed TAP Adapter drivers for Windows 10 support.
  3. Moved WinDivert folder to reduce delete errors.
  4. Preliminary Windows 10 Tech Preview Support.
  5. Reworked Windows Version detection.
  6. Automatic detection.
  7. TAP adapters enable all disabled to install check.
  8. License fixed Helpers Browse button.

Requirements for Installation:

  • The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit for Windows 8.1 is required for all deployment scenarios.
  • System Center 2012 Configuration Manager is required for zero-touch installation scenarios.
  • Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Toolkit 2.5.5 / 2.5.4 Activator For Windows & Office Download


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